Woman Suffers Bite From Unleashed Dog

  • Dec 14 2015
  • Gilleon Law Firm, APC

Dog_biteA woman was bitten by a dog that was not on a leash while walking a trail near 4S Ranch Parkways and Dove Creek Road, according to recent reports.  The victim says that her first thought was to protect her own dog, which may have been the target of the animal’s attack.  The victim was bitten on the arm.  She claims that the dog’s owner ran away rather than controlling the animal.  She managed to get a cell phone photo of the woman from behind.

The trail is owned by the HOA 4S Ranch Master Association, which claims that the rules require all dogs to be on a leash, although investigative reporters spotted several dogs that were off-leash when they visited the trail.

The victim is hoping that someone will recognize the dog’s owner and come forward.

Leash Laws, Dog Owners and Property Owner Liability

San Diego requires all dogs on public trails or in parks to be leashed unless the park is specifically designed for off-leash animals.  Even then, owners are responsible for keeping their pets under control.  However, owners may not be the only people responsible for aggressive dogs.  Landlords and other property owners may be held accountable for dog bites due to the theory of premises liability.

Premises liability states that the owner of a property is required to maintain safe conditions for visitors.  If the property owner fails to do so by refusing to enforce laws or rules, the owner may be liable for damages that occur, such as dog bites.  In these cases, both the dog’s owner and the landlord or property owner may share liability and both may be required to pay damages to the victim.

Dog Bite Accidents—A Sad Fact

Dog bites can result in serious injury.  Every year, a few people die and millions more are injured by attacking dogs.  Victims of dog bites may be entitled to compensation for their medical bills and other expenses from the dog’s owner or another liable party.

If you have been bitten by a dog or any other pet, it is important that you hold the owner accountable.  Dan Gilleon, a personal injury attorney in San Diego, may be able to help.  Dan Gilleon has been working with dog bite victims for many years to help them protect their rights.  Call today for a free consultation about your dog bite case and hold the responsible parties accountable.

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