This New Medical Study Could Mean Great Things for Brain Injury Victims!

  • Aug 29 2016
  • Gilleon Law Firm, APC

Findings from a study at the University of California – San Diego reveal that longer and more intensive rehabilitation sessions are key to a patient’s recovery from a traumatic brain injury. The prolonged exposure to rehabilitation actually better positions the brain’s ability to repair itself.

The news could have far-reaching affects – particularly to the insurance industry. That’s because in most cases involving brain injuries, insurance companies typically want to cover rehab merely to the point of getting the patient well enough to go home.

Now that science has proven that longer and more intensive rehab sessions present the best way forward, traumatic brain injury patients will be in a much better position to recover even more of their mental capabilities.

How Extended Rehab Times Help the Brain

In the UC San Diego study – for which rats were used – researchers noted that more intensive and longer therapy sessions led to a substantial restructuring of the brain’s damaged areas. This resulted in more neurons making connections with even more neurons.

Throughout their study, researchers studied how rats relearned their skills and physical abilities. The rats that received the more rigorous rehab for longer periods of time actually showed a 50 percent rate of recovering their brain function.

What Increased Rehab for the Brain Means to You

In an earlier blog, we noted that 1.7 million Americans experience traumatic brain injury every year. These types of injuries can occur from a host of causes, including falls (in and out of the house), violence, and vehicular accidents and sports injuries.

Traumatic Brain injuries are serious matters. Even if the victim is not experiencing symptoms of brain injury, blows to the head can cause bleeding in or around the brain.

The news that science has proven more rehabilitation can seriously improve a victim’s chances of recovering their mental abilities means that they stand a very good chance of being awarded more compensation for proper medical treatment.

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