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  • Jul 07 2016
  • Gilleon Law Firm, APC

When a consumer is injured in a car accident, slip and fall, or due to a defective product, it can often lead to devastating effects on the person’s life. Whether the injuries are temporary or permanent, they are always painful and treatments of these injuries generally leave the injured person and his family financially burdened or crippled.

Each year the number of people that are injured due to defective products in the United States keeps increasing. It is, however, fortunate that individuals or companies are often held responsible for these kinds of injuries due to the product liability laws. Although, most people may not be aware of it but consumers are offered great protection in the United States and are entitled to compensation for any physical or financial injury that is caused by defective, unsafe or dangerous products. In most cases, product liability cases are complex and thus, it is essential for individuals to seek help from top law firms in the country, who have the required skills and knowledge to handle such cases of unsafe products, making you a formidable plaintiff in cases battling the big corporations.

In the year 2010, Toyota issued a large recall for most of its cars. A safety feature called ‘brake to idle fail safe’ was not installed in most of their cars, causing the number of accidents to increase, every time the accelerator malfunctioned. The main aim of the fail-safe system is to prompt the engine to disregard the gas pedal when the brakes of the car are pressed, thus, reducing the possibility of an accident, even if there is a problem with the accelerator. However, Toyota failed to include this fail-safe mechanism in many of the Toyota models which resulted in having one of the biggest litigation cases in the recent history of product liability cases. However, Toyota agreed to pay a huge amount of $1.1 billion to settle the law suit.

Using a defective product can often lead to various injuries which can worsen the condition of the consumer. In cases where there is a manufacturing defect, the product will prove to be dangerous and the manufacturers that caused the defect can be held accountable for failing to fulfil the legal criteria of the particular product. If a particular product does not have proper instructions or warnings regarding the dangers associated with the use of the product, the product can be considered damaged and dangerous to use. Instructions and warnings of a product are necessary for consumers to understand the various risks involved in using the product. If consumers are provided with adequate details, there are chances that the consumer will avoid such injuries. In cases, where a consumer is injured, he can seek help from the top law firms around the country and file a product liability case against the company who is responsible for the injury caused.

Product liability cases are always complex and require a thorough investigation, encompassing all details about the incident. In cases like these, it is best to take the help of specialized lawyers from the top law firmsSan Diego law firms have few of the best lawyers who are specialized in product liability cases and we can help you gain justice and make you a formidable plaintiff in such situations. We, at Gilleon Law Firm, APC, welcome and provide each and every person seeking justice with our legal services; where you can be assured of receiving the best legal services from our lawyers and network of experts. While our offices are located in San Diego, we are also proud to serve you in Orange, Los Angeles, Imperial and Riverside County as well. Please contact us at our office at (619) 702-8623 for a free consultation.

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