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Brain Injury Law FirmThe human brain is a complex and delicate organ. When it is damaged through traumatic brain injury, the effects on the health and behavior of the victim can be devastating. Those who suffer brain injuries and survive still face significant quality-of-life issues. With decades of experience serving seriously injured clients and their families in San Diego, Gilleon Law Firm, APC is well-known for its aggressive pursuit of damages when injuries threaten and limit the lives of our clients. If you have suffered a significant brain injury, we offer thorough legal support and guidance coupled with a formidable legal ability to protect your interests.

Facts on Brain Hemorrhage

Brain hemorrhage is essentially bleeding of the brain, whereas a hematoma is a pooling of that blood on the surface of the brain. Both conditions, however, result in the brain swelling and bleeding following a serious head injury. There are particular areas of concern with brain hemorrhage:

  • Though brain hemorrhage can be caused by penetration of the skull, it often associated with a closed head injury. As the brain swells, the very structure intended to protect it, the bony skull, becomes the instrument of brain death as pressure from tissue pushing against the skull doubles the damage caused by the original injury.
  • With continued hemorrhage and increased pressure, the swelling brain can herniate into the space between lobes, increasing tissue damage and reducing chances for recovery of normal brain function.

Brain injuries are always serious — and serious injuries call for immediate medical attention and often the involvement of well-seasoned personal injury attorneys unafraid to litigate when needed. With extensive, successful experience pursuing damages for victims of these complicated injuries, the skilled brain injury lawyers of the Gilleon Law Firm, APC deliver diligent, dedicated  legal service to achieve adequate compensation for victims who may need a lifetime of care.

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