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A head injury could be anything from a bump on the head to a blunt force trauma concussion. Like most other injuries, head injuries can be caused by accidents on the road, at home or work. A head injury is often classified as open or closed: open is one in which there’s a visible wound, and closed is one where there is no visible wound. A serious head injury could strain you and your family, physically, emotionally and financially. Depending on the severity of the injury, the effects could be reduced awareness, communication problems, memory loss, depression, behavioral changes and even paralysis. Irrespective of the cause, a head injury negatively alters the victim and his family’s lives forever.

It may feel like an uphill battle in obtaining your just compensation for your head injury, but Gilleon Law Firm, APC and our team of head injury lawyers are highly experienced and proficient in dealing with these claims. Our team of head injury lawyers are completely aware of your state of emotions and are experienced in giving the victim and the family a patient ear understanding the facts of the case and advising on the claim filing process and the just compensation for the claim.

We, at Gilleon Law Firm, APC, are as indignant about the at-fault party as you are and are committed to putting our expertise and experience to ensure your recovery. Our head injury lawyers are not just technically sound but also possess the acumen necessary in dealing with compensation claims for head injury. We leave no stone unturned in building a strong case through our team of experts, by having multiple rounds of conversation and simplifying legalities to ensure proper communication and understanding for all of our clients.

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A head injury claim, unlike other personal injury claims, is more complex and needs to be handled skillfully. The compensation awarded for head injury claims are often higher than regular personal injury claims, but they are also more complex. The reason being that the compensation awarded goes above and beyond the usual medical costs and pain and suffering. The compensation demanded also accounts for costs that may be incurred in the future such as rehabilitation or special care, assistive devices, medical equipment as well as the cost of modifying their vehicle or home. In some cases, the compensation also accounts for the loss of future income in case the head injury results in loss of earning capacity.

Given the intricacies of each case, it is crucial to appoint an attorney specialized in head injury compensation claims at the earliest sign of significant injury. Our firm is well renowned in personal injury claims including serious injury ensuring you have the confidence of being represented by trustworthy head and neck injury lawyers who will safeguard your interests.

At Gilleon Law Firm, APC, our team of San-Diego based head and neck injury lawyers are experts in all personal injury matters including claims involving catastrophic injuries such as head injuries. Our team is exceptionally skilled and experienced in ensuring you are awarded your rightful compensation, keeping in your mind you are combatting a personal tragedy.

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