Spine Injury FAQs

Understanding Spinal Injury and Legal Claims


Spine Injury FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions About Spine Injury in California

Answers to your questions from experienced SCI attorneys in San Diego

Spine Injury Attorneys San DiegoIf you or a loved one suffers spinal injury through the negligence or recklessness of someone else, you face a changed future. But you don’t have to face it alone.

Our experienced personal injury lawyers at Gilleon Law Firm, APC fully understand the complications associated with spine and back injury, disc injuries and other neurological injury. We know that understanding what lies ahead is important when considering legal action. To that end, we’ve provided answers to the most frequently asked questions we receive in our spinal injury cases. For more in-depth information from one of our personal injury lawyers, contact us for a free consultation.

Understanding Spinal Injury and Legal Claims in San Diego

Knowledgeable help with spinal cord lawsuits in San Diego

With more than 50 years of combined experience in San Diego, the attorneys with Gilleon Law Firm, APC offer matchless legal representation to clients seriously injured by the negligence of others. With offices in downtown San Diego, we are easily accessible by train, car or telephone. When you are injured and need help and answers, call us at 619.702.8623 or contact us to set up a free initial consultation.

Is there a time limit for filing a spine injury lawsuit in San Diego?

The time limit for filing a legal action is known as the statute of limitations. For personal injury matters in the state of California, the time limit is generally two years from the known date of injury. But there are good reasons to involve an experienced personal injury attorney at the outset of your accident and injury:

  • Valuable evidence disappears quickly and memory fades. It is essential to preserve physical evidence and witness statements right away.
  • Serious injury requires legal assistance from the time of injury until the conclusion of your case. It is never too soon to start building a strong legal and medical foundation for your legal claim.
  • If injured by an institutional defendant, like a city worker, the statute of limitations may be shorter. Do not hesitate to contact us after suffering a serious injury.

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Do I have to worry about proving negligence for a spine injury?

Proving negligence in an injury case is the fundamental job of a good personal injury law firm. The Gilleon Law Firm, APC enjoys a superb reputation for aggressive pursuit of the negligence of the parties who injure our clients. We bring formidable legal talent to bear to prove the following:

  • The party who injured you (the defendant) owed a duty of due care
  • That duty was breached
  • Breach of the duty, by omission or commission, caused the accident and your injury
  • You suffered damage and loss as a result

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What do I need to know about getting proper compensation for a spine injury?

The most important step you can take to ensure you receive appropriate compensation for a spine, brain or other serious injury is retaining the right firm to handle your case. No law firm can guarantee a legal outcome, but an experienced, aggressive personal injury firm with a successful track record like The Gilleon Law Firm, APC is more likely to provide the results you need.

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Is there a cure yet for spine injury?

The hard answer is no, there is not yet a cure for spinal cord injury. True recovery from spinal injuries may be slow or nonexistent. Stem cell research may one day point to a cure, but in the meantime, research continues into rehabilitative and medical options to assist with symptoms and improve the quality of life of those who suffer SCI.

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Will a lawsuit take a long time?

No two serious injuries are alike, and lawsuits for serious injuries often take time. Settling a severe injury case before the real extent of your injury is known is a mistake that can cost you substantial financial security. Though spinal injury matters are notoriously complicated, our firm meticulously prepares each case for the courtroom. As aggressive, winning litigators, our reputation for being well prepared in the courtroom often provides us an advantage during settlement talks.