Bike and Pedestrian Accidents

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Bike and Pedestrian Accidents

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Binjury Injury Lawyer San DiegoAccording to the California Department of Motor Vehicles, hundreds of people each year are hurt in bicycle mishaps, and more than 100 die. Whether you run or bike — for fitness or for fun — San Diego is an ideal environment for those who enjoy being outside. But if your walk or ride ended with severe injury, the Gilleon Law Firm, APC can provide compassionate client service, coupled with aggressive, knowledgeable legal support, to help you get back on the road.

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In 2011, the California Office of Traffic Safety reported that pedestrian accidents increased by almost four percent, accounting for the deaths of more than 600 people. Accidents involving bicycle fatalities increased by over 13 percent, taking the lives of 114 people.

Given the lack of physical protection available to bicyclists or pedestrians, accidents that involve motor vehicles colliding with bicyclists or pedestrians can be catastrophic. If you suffer a head, spinal or other serious injury, seek help from an experienced San Diego bicycle accident attorney with our firm.

Whether walking or biking, you expect to safely share the road with others. After an accident in California, negligence laws allow you to recover fair compensation for your injury, minus your percentage of fault for causing the accident that injured you.

Despite safety rules and a temperate climate that encourages outdoor leisure, accidents can easily happen in California, for the following reasons:

  • Distraction: The incidence of serious injury rises with distracted driving. Pedestrians or bicyclists in a crosswalk, unseen by a motorist, can be seriously injured or killed. The task of driving requires emotional, visual and physical attention. Too often, strict attention to the road is reduced by cell phones or other distractions, resulting in tragic injury or loss of life.
  • Defect: Bicycle or helmet defects are a cause of injury among hobby and sports cyclists.
  • Conditions: Uneven or broken pavement, poor signage and lighting and other environmental conditions can lead to injury for cyclists.
  • Malice: Despite the bike-friendly and walker/jogger-friendly attitude of most Californians, there are motorists who drive close to bicyclists or pedestrians — with threatening intent. It is unfortunate and ugly, and can have deadly consequences.

When you work with our personal injury firm, you are assured of highly qualified legal talent, dedicated to achieving fair compensation on your behalf through resourceful, experienced legal representation.

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