Woman Killed by Coaster Train in San Diego

  • Mar 16 2015
  • Gilleon Law Firm, APC

woman killed by coaster train A woman was struck and killed by a Coaster train according to reports from local officials.

According to the San Diego County Sheriff’s Office, the Coaster train was moving south near 15th Street in Del Mar around 5:45 a.m. The conductor saw a woman on the tracks and attempted to avoid a collision by sounding the train’s horn. He stated that the woman ignored the horn. The conductor then activated the emergency braking system but was unable to stop. The train struck the woman, killing her instantly.

The woman has not been identified publicly. After the accident, train service was halted for around two hours while the accident was being investigated by San Diego sheriff’s deputies.

Public Transportation and Wrongful Death

Public transportation falls under the Common Carrier Law, which means that these transportation service providers are held to a higher level of ensuring passenger safety than the average car driver. The operators of public transportation vehicles are also responsible for protecting pedestrians and anyone else in the area who is not using public transportation service. If someone is killed as the result of an accident while using public transportation, the victim’s surviving family members may be able to seek compensation for damages with a wrongful death suit.

There are several ways to approach this type of lawsuit. If the driver was acting negligently, he or she could be held responsible for the accident and any resulting damages. However, this is not always the case. Sometimes, an accident may be the result of faulty machinery or improper training on the owner’s part. Even if the public transportation line is operated by the government, the law allows victims or their surviving family members to seek compensation for damages due to negligence.

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