Did You Hear What Happened to This Officer?

  • Jan 08 2016
  • Gilleon Law Firm, APC


According to a San Diego officer, his refusal to increase the number of parking tickets he wrote each day resulted in retribution from his boss.  He is now suing the city for falsely punishing him for doing his job.

“The first thing I thought about is, ‘It sounds like a quota,'” said Parking Enforcement Officer Carlos Rodriguez of his reaction when he was told he had to write a certain number of tickets each day.  He was targeted for punishment after he refused to do so, and claims that his boss is using his disability to get him into trouble.

Rodriguez was told that other officers wrote 120 tickets a day compared to his 80, and that he must increase his ticketing to at least 100 per day.  He voiced concerns over this requirement and also made reference to his medical condition, which requires him to drink a great deal of water and take frequent bathroom breaks.  The city knew about his condition when he was transferred to the job five years ago.

A few months after this conversation, Rodriguez had a minor accident while driving a city truck when he struck a curb during a right turn and flattened a tire.  He was arrested for DUI because he was having trouble walking, which was a symptom of his condition.  Although charges were not filed, the city used the incident against him.  Rodriguez believes that this targeting was due to his refusal to go along with the quota system.

“It was all set up because my client refused to break the law and go along with a quota system,” noted attorney Dan Gilleon, who represents Rodriguez.  “It is not right to discriminate against someone because of a disability, particularly when that person is willing to do his or her job.”

Rodriguez has been placed on probation as a result of the accident and pending the outcome of litigation.

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