What Does a Brain Injury Cost?

  • Dec 16 2015
  • Gilleon Law Firm, APC

tbi_injuryBrain injuries are one of the most costly types of personal injuries, but how much exactly is spent when someone suffers a traumatic brain injury or TBI?  The figures are surprising given the lack of attention paid by the media and others to the true impact of TBI on society in terms of cost.

The High Cost of a TBI

Even a very mild brain injury can be extremely costly. According to data compiled by the Center for Disease Control, treatment of a mild head injury, classified as one which leaves no permanent damage and resolves relatively quickly, can top $85,000.  A moderate TBI carries a price tag of up to $941,000, while a severe, permanent injury can cost $3 million.  This does not, of course, include a calculation of the toll taken by the emotional and physical suffering that result from these injuries.

The overall cost to the United States of TBI is estimated at a staggering $48 billion annually.  Of that figure, approximately $32 billion is paid toward hospital costs, while $16 billion goes for costs associated with fatalities caused by TBI.  Acute care and rehabilitation services carry an annual cost of $9 to $10 billion per year.  These figures do not factor in the cost of lost earnings and productivity of the victims, nor do they account for the costs of social services resulting from the needs of TBI patients.

Over the course of a victim’s life, a permanent brain injury can be expected to generate $600,000 to $1.9 million in medical bills and costs.  Many victims never return to their former jobs, resulting in a loss of income for themselves and their families.

Recovering Compensation for a TBI

A brain injury case can be very difficult to handle for the average person without the help of a personal injury attorney.  Many victims do not realize the long-term cost associated with their injury, and insurance companies are only too happy to short-change them when they offer a settlement.  In many cases, these settlement offers, while they may appear generous, are far too low to support the victim for the rest of his or her life and pay for the true costs of the TBI.

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