Truck Launched Off Freeway During Accident

  • Oct 24 2014
  • Gilleon Law Firm, APC

truck_launched_off_freewayThe driver of a vehicle survived but was seriously injured last month when his truck inexplicably launched off a Mission Valley freeway transition ramp and fell more than 50 feet before crashing into a local Dave & Buster’s building, according to reports.

The accident was reported to the California Highway Patrol as having occurred near the westbound Interstate 8 interchange to northbound Interstate 805. The Dave & Buster’s restaurant is located at 2931 Camino Del Rio North in San Diego.

Emergency responders found the injured driver inside the truck. According to reports, the man was alert but complained of severe back pain. The man’s vehicle came to a stop upright beside the restaurant after it collided with the side and roof of the building. It was estimate that the truck could have fallen up to 75 feet before hitting the building. Emergency responders extracted the driver from the damaged truck and transported him to Sharp Memorial Hospital for treatment.

The unnamed driver is reported to work for the U.S. Navy and have a wife and son, neither of whom were involved in the accident. The Dave & Buster’s facility that was crashed into briefly closed and then reopened. No restaurant employees or customers were reported to have been hurt.

Back Injuries Are a Major Health Issue

Back injuries are extremely common; in fact, back pain is one of the most common medical complaints. While poor posture, improper lifting and age can increase your odds of back injury, sudden impact as with automobile accidents are still the primary cause of acute back pain.

Automobile accidents often cause acute injuries which may include a fracture or dislocation of the spine. A serious accident can cause a spinal cord injury and can even lead to permanent paralysis. For this reason, it is vital to immobilize an injured person during transport to the hospital.

What Should I Do If I Have Suffered A Back Injury?

Accidents that involve injuries to the back are often legally complicated and may involve more than one responsible party. It is very important that you have the help of an attorney who understands the complex legal issues surrounding a personal injury case. Dan Gilleon has been helping San Diego accident victims for many years and will work tirelessly to ensure you receive fair compensation after an injury.   For a free consultation about your case, call today.



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