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The Self-Driving Car Problem

  • May 13 2015
  • Gilleon Law Firm, APC

google self-driving carAccording to recent reports, Google’s self-driving cars have been involved in 11 minor crashes over the past six years. However, the company claims that not one of these accidents was the self-driving car’s fault; instead, all accidents were caused by other careless drivers on the road. However, it is impossible to independently verify this claim as neither the Department of Motor Vehicles nor Google will release confirmation. The DMV has confirmed that 48 self-driving test cars have been licensed in the state.

Insurance Issues With Self-Driving Cars

Unlike most cars, self-driving cars require a minimum of $5 million worth of insurance in California. This makes it nearly impossible for anyone other than the wealthy or large corporations to own and test these cars.

That’s because the company behind the car will have deep pockets. California law makes it hard for any but major companies or very wealthy individual to test the cars. Each one requires $5 million worth of insurance. Furthermore, experts believe that any lawsuits against the corporation for an accident caused by a self-driven car will of necessity be settled quickly to avoid negative publicity.

Currently, self-driving cars are being tested in three other states: Nevada, Michigan and Florida. There have been no accidents reported in those locations.

If a self-driving car were to hit a pedestrian in California rather than another vehicle, the issue might become one of product liability rather than a car accident case. Product liability cases are based on faulty design, manufacturing or advertising of a product. Presumably, a victim of this type of accident might have a claim against the manufacturer for the faulty design or production of a car that caused a pedestrian crash.

What If I Am The Victim of An Accident?

At this point, the chances of being the victim of an accident caused by a self-driving car are relatively remote. However, there is a much better chance that you could be the victim of some other type of product or of a careless driver. If that happens, and you sustain injuries, you may be entitled to compensation from the responsible party.

In order to determine if you have grounds for a personal injury lawsuit, it is usually best to speak to an attorney. Daniel Gilleon in San Diego has been helping accident victims for many years and can work with you on your injury case to ensure that your rights are protected. Call today for a free consultation.

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