Staying Safe Throughout the Holidays

  • Dec 08 2014
  • Gilleon Law Firm, APC

holiday_safetyWe all enjoy the holidays. They are a time when family and friends gather to have fun and enjoy each other’s company. However, the holidays are also a time when many people suffer personal injuries due to accidents, defective products and the negligence of others. Dan Gilleon, a personal injury attorney in San Diego, California, see many holiday accident cases each year and wants to share some of the tips he has learned that can help everyone stay safe throughout the holidays.

  • Be careful of falling hazards. This may be one of the few times each year that you get up on a ladder or, worse still, stand on a chair to reach seldom-used items or hang decorations. Be aware of falling potential. Always have someone standing by to help; many people suffer injuries in falls when they are alone and have no one nearby to help. If you do have to climb, be sure to steady your ladder and follow all manufacturer’s warnings.
  • Watch out for electrical shock or fire. Frayed light cords and other electrical hazards cause numerous house fires during the holidays. Be sure to use only new or non-damaged lighting and to avoid overloading sockets. If you have a real tree, keep it watered and use only lights specifically designed for that purpose.
  • Cooking can cause fires, too. Cooking fires are another common cause of death and injury during the holidays. Be sure to keep an eye on any cooking and supervise children as they bake or prepare food. Besides being aware of fire hazards in the kitchen, pay attention to small appliances that can also overheat or malfunction, causing injury. Keep a fire extinguisher handy to use in your kitchen as well as in other locations around the house, and be sure it is inspected and charged regularly. In addition, be sure that your smoke detectors are in working order.
  • Test before you use. Many people receive gifts of new appliances, tools, toys and other items that could feasibly malfunction. Be sure to follow all installation or assembly instructions and test new items before use. If a gift does not work as intended, return it immediately rather than trying to “fix” it at home.

Dan Gilleon, a personal injury attorney in San Diego, California, handles all types of accident and injury cases and sees many holiday injuries each year. The entire staff of Gilleon Law Firm, APC wants to wish everyone a safe and happy holiday season!



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