Sexual Harassment Unfortunately Still An Issue! Don’t Let Harassment Happen To You!

  • Feb 26 2016
  • Gilleon Law Firm, APC

sexual harassment, san diego, attorneys, lawyers; The ongoing fallout from the serial sexual harassment by disgraced former San Diego Mayor Bob Filner presents us with a perfect opportunity to encourage victims of such behavior to take action against the perpetrators. This office is representing three of the nearly 20 women who have filed complaints against the former mayor. The common thread among all the victims is that they are made to feel small and powerless by persons in power, and they fear retribution.

In this article, we’ll discuss sexual harassment and action you can – and should – take if you are the victim of it.

What exactly is sexual harassment?
The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) says that sexual harassment is not limited to physical contact. In fact, it can include unwanted verbal activity and any other action that affects your employment. Examples of these can include:

  • Wolf whistles
  • Touching
  • Sexual innuendos
  • Sexually explicit gestures
  • Tales or gossip about sexual conquests
  • Obscene phone calls
  • Invasion of your personal space
  • Sexist jokes and cartoons

Should You Confront the Harasser?

If you decide to standup to the harasser, make sure to do it in a way that gets your point across. Don’t be vague. You may want to prepare for your conversation by writing down how you feel.
When you’re ready to proceed, make sure that you:

  • Specifically, name the behavior
  • Make sure your body language mirrors your intent by maintaining eye contact, keeping your shoulders back and no smiling
  • Keep emotions in check
  • Make sure your harasser knows that if the offending action does not stop, you will report it to the appropriate supervisor

Different Types of Sexual Harassment Claims

Should you opt to take things to the next level and seek legal action for the sexual harassment you’ve been a victim of, you should know that there are two types of sexual harassment claims.

Quid pro Quo involves your job status – such as a promotion, task or the termination of your job – being based upon your willingness to do certain sexually related things.

Hostile work environment refers to the transformation of your workspace into a place of intimidation and hostility due to sexual harassment.
We’ve been handling sexual harassment cases for more than 20 years. If you feel that you’ve been the victim of such abuse, contact our offices here at the Gilleon Law Firm, APC for a free consultation.

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