Road Rage Leaves One Behind Bars

  • Sep 25 2014
  • Gilleon Law Firm, APC

san_diego_road_rageIn San Diego on July 25th, a La Mesa man was put in prison and charged after a road rage incident. Thomas Clayton Sikes, 56, was in the parking lot outside an East County drugstore when he approached a 76-year-old man who was parked near the store. A confrontation sparked up and when the man in the car tried to move, Sikes severely beat him and fled the parking lot, driving a red SUV on the 500 block of Fletcher Parkway in El Cajon.

Surveillance cameras outside the store had recorded footage of the 6-foot-3-inch, 285-pound Sikes beating the older man. ECPD Sergeant Jason Taub said that the fight was over “an apparent road rage incident” that occurred before the two cars pulled up.

Police found the older man in the parking lot with severe facial injuries that required medical treatment. He was hospitalized and source say he can expect several rounds of surgery. Sikes was arrested by police when an anonymous caller tipped off the El Cajon Police Department. He was booked into San Diego Central Jail under suspicion of assault and battery. He was held on a $35,000 bail.

Assault Can Be Grounds for Personal Injury Lawsuit

Although assault is thought of as a criminal activity, it can also be the basis for a personal injury lawsuit. While the criminal justice system may arrest and prosecute the offender, the victim may still be left with unpaid medical bills and unreimbursed expenses from the incident. Further, trauma to the head or other important parts of the body can have a lasting effect on a person’s health.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, around 1.7 million people suffer from brain injuries. These injuries can range in cause from a minor fall to a severe beating by another person.

You may be able to receive compensation for medical expenses or for pay that you miss because you are off work if someone else is the direct cause of your injury. At Gilleon Law Firm, APC in San Diego, our experience with assault and serious brain injuries allows us to help you recover damages. We have access to professionals who are able to assess the extent of your injuries and recommend the right treatment. Once we have this information, we are ready to pursue compensation for you. Give us a call today to discuss your case.

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