Protecting Your Investment: How You Can Protect Yourself from Unsubstantiated Claims

  • Jun 01 2016
  • Gilleon Law Firm, APC

When a consumer is injured by a faulty or defective product, it can have severe effects on his or her life. Injuries, whether temporary or permanent are painful and the treatment of those injuries can often destroy a victim even financially. It is not uncommon that most people in the United States do not realize that consumers are offered protection and are entitled to compensation for physical or financial injuries caused by a dangerous or defective product. Every year hundreds and thousands of people are injured in the United States of America due to faulty, dangerous or defective products. However, with product liability laws in the United States of America, individuals or companies that are responsible for such injuries whether physical or financial or both can be held accountable for the injury caused. Product liability cases are generally complex and require specialized product liability attorneys who have many years of experience in handling cases of defective products.

In February 2014, in the United States of America, it was discovered that numerous automobiles by General Motors Co. (GM) were manufactured with faulty ignition switches that could cause the engine to shut off while driving. Thus, disabling the power steering and brakes, also, preventing the safety airbags from inflating. These faulty switches have been linked to approximately 13 deaths and 31 car accidents in the US. However, there are much more claims about deaths that have been associated with faulty ignition switches. General Motors Co. has since then recalled over 26 million of its autos and has set up an uncapped $400 million fund, designed to compensate the deaths and injuries caused by its vehicles. There are several lawsuits that have been filed against General Motors Co. on the grounds of product liability

If a product has a manufacturing defect where it does not meet the given specifications, the non-conformity of the product can cause it to injure the user. If a manufacturing defect exists, the product will be dangerous and the group that caused the defect will be liable, for failing to fulfil the legal obligations of its product. Also, if a product does not contain adequate warnings regarding the dangers associated with its product usage, the product can be considered defective. Warnings are necessary for consumers to understand the risks involved in using certain products. If they do not understand these dangers, there is no way for consumers to avoid injuries. When a product causes any harm or injury to a consumer or a user, the person injured may seek help from a product liability lawyer and file a product liability case against the individual or company who is responsible for creating such a condition.
It is by now clear that most product liability cases involve complex issues and require a thorough investigation into the cause of the mishap. In cases like these, it is essential to seek help from specialized product liability lawyers who know the product liability law and can help you gain justice. If you or your loved one has been injured due to a defective product, you may be entitled to compensation from the individual or company selling the product. We at Gilleon Law Firm, APC, welcome and provide you with our legal services, where you can be assured of receiving the best legal representation from few of the best product liability lawyers. While our offices are located in San Diego, we are also proud to serve you in Orange and Los Angeles as well. You could also contact us at our office at (619) 702-8623.

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