Pregnant Officer Sues San Diego PD for Discrimination

  • Dec 07 2015
  • Gilleon Law Firm, APC

pregnant_officerAn officer of the San Diego Police Department has filed suit against the agency, claiming that she was discriminated against due to her pregnancy.  In a recent interview, attorney Dan Gilleon discussed the case filed by Officer Mills which claims that she had job responsibilities taken away because the SDPD did not want a “visibly pregnant” woman representing them.  Officer Mills is not a patrol officer; instead, she works with children.

According to Dan Gilleon, although her supervisor was upset that she did not report her condition right away, Mills was not required to tell her supervisor about her pregnancy immediately unless her condition could somehow affect her job performance or she had reason to believe that she might be at high risk for health issues.  Instead, Gilleon believes that the real motive behind the supervisor’s attitude toward Mills was that she had, in the past, had differences with another supervisor.

The lawsuit claims that Mills was demoted without reason while male officers were promoted.

Discrimination Lawsuits Against Employers

A discrimination lawsuit filed by an employee often concerns one of several areas:

  • Racial or ethnic discrimination. Discrimination against an employee due to his or her ethnicity or race is illegal under federal and state law.  This can take the form of denying an employee the opportunity for advancement or refusing to hire those of a certain racial or ethnic background.
  • Religious discrimination. An employer may not discriminate against an employee because of his or her religion.  This means that reasonable accommodations must be made for employees to take religious holidays if the employer offers this benefit to other employees, and that an employer cannot fire or demote an employee because of religious preference.
  • Gender discrimination. Discriminating against an employee because of his or her gender is also illegal under state or federal law.  Both male and female employees are protected by this law.  The law also prohibits discrimination based on gender identification.

Filing a discrimination lawsuit against an employer can be a difficult and frightening prospect.  Having the right personal injury attorney to support you can make the difference in a successful case and an unsuccessful lawsuit.  Attorney Dan Gilleon in San Diego has the experience to help you stand up for your rights and defend yourself against those who want to deny you justice.  Call today for a free consultation about your discrimination lawsuit.


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