One More Reason To Be Attentive At The Wheel

  • Dec 28 2015
  • Gilleon Law Firm, APC

nordahlA tragic head-on crash cut short a young life and left family members with serious injuries just days before Christmas, according to recent reports.  Four family members, including a 9-year-old boy, were killed in the rollover accident which occurred near Escondido.  The victims, who also included the boy’s grandmother, aunt and family friend, died when the SUV in which they were riding rolled down the embankment at Nordahl Road near State Road 78 East.  The boy’s mother and two sisters were hospitalized after the crash.

The family was traveling home from a relative’s home in Carlsbad when their SUV collided with a car that was changing lanes.  The SUV flew off the road and rolled several times before coming to rest at the bottom of the embankment.  The driver of the other vehicle was arrested but released while police continue their investigation.  Authorities do not believe that speed, alcohol or drugs were factors in the crash.

Head-On Crashes and Rollovers:  A Deadly Duo

More people are killed in head-on and rollover crashes than any other types of car accidents, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.  Rollovers account for more than one-third of all traffic fatalities, and more SUVs are involved in rollover accidents than any other type of vehicle, accounting for 57 percent of these types of accidents.

Head-on and rollover crashes are deadly for several reasons.  First, when two cars strike head-on, the force of the crash is directed at the driver and passengers in a way not seen in other types of collisions.  Even when the cars do not strike each other, many drivers try to maneuver away from a head-on crash, resulting in a dangerous skid or flip.  Some rollovers are actually the result of head-on collision or the attempt to avoid one.

In addition, when a car rolls over, the occupants stand a good chance of being ejected if they are not buckled in properly or if their safety restraints fail.  Ejection is the primary cause of death in rollover crashes.

What Can I Do If I Am A Crash Victim?

If you are the victim of injuries sustained in a head-on or rollover crash, you should speak to a personal injury attorney immediately.  While it may seem obvious that the at-fault driver is responsible for your injuries, collecting compensation can still be difficult.  Call the law offices of Daniel M. Gilleon today for a consultation about your case.

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