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Oceanside Man Dies in Carlsbad Car Accident

  • May 18 2015
  • Gilleon Law Firm, APC

oceanside man killedA 27-year-old Oceanside man was the sole fatality in a Carlsbad crash that caused major injuries for his passenger, according to recent reports. Jacob Marine Lesu was the victim of a crash on Rancho Santa Fe Road in which he swerved his BMW sedan into the raised median, causing the car to roll several times and slam into a traffic pole at Camino Junipero. Lesu was pronounced dead at the scene, while his passenger was taken to a nearby hospital with major injuries.

It is unclear what caused Lesu to lose control. The police have launched an investigation into the crash.

Rollover Crash Facts: Deadly Accidents For SUVs and Pickups

While sedans, such as the one in this story, may roll over given the right circumstances, by far the largest number of rollover crashes occur with SUVs and light pickup trucks. The different center of gravity for these vehicles makes them more likely to flip, particularly if there is a sudden change in speed such as that which occurs when slamming on the brakes or when a tire blows out.

According to the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, lighter vehicles are at a particular disadvantage in a collision with heavier vehicles. In a two-car rollover, it is almost always the case that the lighter vehicle collides with the heavier vehicle and is flipped over. The momentum of this movement may be enough to cause the vehicle to flip numerous times, placing the occupants in grave danger. In other rollover cases, the car flips without colliding with another vehicle, sometimes due to speed or road factors.

Ultimately, victims who are not wearing their seat belts are the most likely to be seriously injured in a rollover crash, often due to ejection from the vehicle. Those wearing a seat belt are 75 percent less likely to be killed in a rollover than someone who is not wearing safety restraints. According to Safer Cars, rollovers have a higher death rate than other types of vehicle crashes, accounting for one-third of all vehicle fatalities.

What Can I Do If I Am Injured In A Rollover Crash?

Whether you are the driver or a passenger, you may be the victim of injuries in a rollover crash over which you had no control. Call the experienced personal injury attorney Daniel M. Gilleon in San Diego for information on how to handle your rollover crash case.

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