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New Molecular Treatment for Spinal Cord Injuries?

  • Oct 22 2014
  • Gilleon Law Firm, APC

nerve_damage_p45-proteinSpinal cord injuries are notoriously difficult to treat. Although new technology has been developed to help spinal cord injury victims, a great deal of research remains to be done before the medical community can treat these injuries successfully in every case.

Researchers at the Salk Institute are currently looking at a possible new way to treat nerve damage that could have implications for those suffering from spinal cord injuries. According to recent reports, these researchers have identified small molecules that might help nerves to repair themselves. These molecules have been found in dogs, whales, snails, and frogs, all of which display this power of regenerating nerves. The initial finding last year has lead to continued research into the possibility of harnessing this power to use in human beings to repair nerve damage from traumatic accidents.

Not Yet a Reality

Researchers have learned so far in studying these molecules that the protein that is helping these animals regenerate is not present in humans. This protein is called p45. The protein which appears in damaged nerves is called p75. Researchers are looking into the possibility of adding the p45 protein to humans to see if nerve regeneration is possible. The preliminary research seems promising, but it is too soon to know whether this trial will be successful. In fact, it could take years to isolate the right way to add the protein to the human body in such a way that it regenerates damaged nerve tissue.

However, researchers are hopeful that one day this research may result in better treatment for spinal cord injuries in regenerating nerves that suffer damage and are causing paralysis. Ultimately, this discovery could be a step forward in seeing the ability to helping those who suffer from paralysis to reverse their conditions.

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