Man Suffers Back Injury After Truck Crash

  • Nov 24 2014
  • Gilleon Law Firm, APC

car_accident_back_injuryA truck crashed into a San Diego home, leaving the driver with serious back injuries, according to recent reports. The pickup veered off Park Village Road in Rancho Penasquitos for unknown reasons, vaulted over a retaining wall and crashed into a house, lodging in the front of the residence, according to police. It is unclear why the 32-year-old unidentified driver lost control of the vehicle.

The driver was extricated and rushed to the hospital for treatment of major injuries to his back. The two people in the home at the time were unharmed, but the house has been deemed uninhabitable until it is checked by city engineers.

While police do not believe DUI was a factor, they are still investigating to determine exactly what caused the driver to crash.

Unknown Crash Causes: Medical and Mechanical

When a driver who is not intoxicated suddenly loses control and causes a major crash, it is often for one of two reasons: medical or mechanical. Drivers may suffer a sudden heart attack, stroke or other health problem, or may be the victim of a mechanical failure of the vehicle.

Medical problems do lead to crashes each year but it is difficult to determine exactly how many crashes are due to these causes. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration or NHTSA reports that only 1.3 percent of all fatal accidents can be definitively said to have medical emergencies as their cause, but the actual number may be higher. It is difficult to know how many single-car accidents may have been caused by medical issues.

Additionally, mechanical failure can cause a driver to lose control. For example, a tire blowout may lead to a skid that results in a crash.

Can I Collect Damages for My Crash If It Is Caused By Medical or Mechanical Issues?

While not ever medical or mechanical crash is due to someone else’s negligence, many are. For example, if you are not given the proper medication to manage your medical condition, your healthcare provider could be at fault if you have a crash due to an untreated condition. Further, if your car crashes due to a mechanical flaw like a blow tire, the manufacturer may be liable.

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