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Following the Law Can Reduce Bicycle Accidents

  • Dec 25 2013
  • Gilleon Law Firm, APC

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration reports that there were 677 deaths of bicyclists in 2011, and that nine percent of those involved children 14-years-old and younger. Although negligent cyclists do not cause all bicycle accidents, oftentimes they do. When bicyclists disobey the law and ride on the wrong side of the road, make illegal left turns or travel without headlights or reflectors, they significantly increase the likelihood that they are going to get into an accident.

Obey the law

Bicycles and cars follow the same driving rules. By obeying these traffic rules, many bicycling accidents can be avoided:

  • When traveling slower than the normal traffic speed, remain to the right on the road.
  • Use the bike lane, when there is one, if you are moving slower than traffic.
  • Apply safety common sense: Place at least one hand on the handlebars, ride on a permanently attached seat and carry passengers in a separate seat.
  • Use proper hand signals when stopping or turning.
  • Extend a hand signal before changing lanes.
  • Do not hitch your bike to a moving car.
  • Do not ride on highways.
  • Equip your bike properly.
  • Do not block a driveway with your bike.
  • Do not wear headphones when riding.

Be safe

Following several simple safety tips may also reduce the number of bicycle accidents. To increase your visibility on the road, wear bright clothing during the day and a reflector belt at night. Wear a helmet and clip back any long hair to keep your field of vision clear at all times. When crossing sewer gratings or railroad tracks, proceed at an angle, so your wheels do not get caught. Avoid wearing long skirts or bell-bottom pants, which can get caught in the wheels or bicycle chain, while riding.

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