Four Injured After Coaster Accident

  • Sep 04 2014
  • Gilleon Law Firm, APC

sic_flags_magic_mountain_accidentOn July 7th four people were injured and over thirty left hanging above the ground after a coaster accident. The incident happened at Six Flag Magic Mountain near Los Angeles, fire officials stated. Los Angeles County Fire Department First responders were called to the park, which is located in Santa Clarita, at around 6:00 p.m.

Sue Carpenter, a spokeswoman for the park, said that a branch had fallen onto a rollercoaster called the Ninja ride. The rollercoaster car hit the branch and injured four people. The ride itself is described on the Six Flags website as a “suspended swinging rollercoaster” and models itself on a “stealth assassin” idea. Thirty people were left suspended 20 feet in the air while paramedics dealt with the four people who were injured.

Roller Coaster Statistics

Millions of people each year ride rollercoasters safely and do not get injured, but there are a few people hurt each year at amusement parks, particularly on rides that go both high and fast. A study conducted by the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission found that between 1987 and 2001, there were 55 deaths reported in traveling carnivals and on-site amusement parks such as Six Flags. Travelling amusement parks were found to be much more dangerous in comparison to stationary amusement parks. The U.S Consumer Product Safety Commission estimates that between 2,800 and 4,300 non-occupation related injuries occur at mobile amusement parks each year.

Can I Collect Money For An Amusement Park Injury?

In order to avoid injuries, it is essential that amusement parks maintain property to a high degree and never leave any rides in an unsafe condition. The incident at Six Flags highlights how a relatively simple problem such as an overhanging tree branch dropping onto a track can cause injury and distress for the passengers on board. Premises owners have a duty to make sure their site is safe for use by the public, so you have every right to a claim if you have been injured due to negligence by a site’s owner.

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