Identifying Discrimination: Understand What Your Basic Rights Are and How to Protect Them

  • Jun 01 2016
  • Gilleon Law Firm, APC

What is discrimination?

Discrimination is when one person is treated less favourably than another who would have been treated in the same or similar circumstances. Discrimination has many types and may vary depending on each one.
The different types of discrimination are:

• Age
• Disability
• Equal Pay/Compensation
• Harassment
• Genetic Information
• National Origin
• Pregnancy
• Race/Colour
• Religion
• Retaliation
• Sex
• Sexual Harassment

Each and every individual can be subjected to any of these types of discrimination. Also, in the recent times, discrimination cases in the United States of America have been rapidly increasing. It is highly essential that people are aware of their rights and if necessary use the laws to protect them.

The United States of America have a wide range of laws and politics to address violence against gender or discrimination cases. However, to add to the existing laws, there is a new law that has been passed by the government of the United States. In a recent event, this new law in North Carolina on restrooms discrimination was approved in a special legislative session and signed by Gov. Pat McCrory the same day, in order to prevent an anti-discriminatory ordinance from taking effect. The measure goes way beyond stopping transgender people from using bathrooms that match their gender identities, which McCrory called a radical breach of trust and security. This new law is currently being challenged in the federal court. Here below are two factors among the many others that this law focuses on:

• Public Accommodation:The law has created a new public accommodations policy that prohibits discrimination based on race, religion, colour, national origin or biological sex. But this law does not include any specific LGBT protections. It also forbids cities throughout North Carolina from imposing additional requirements on employers. Thus, creating a better world for all people.

• Workplace Rules: The new law based on discrimination reaffirms that local governments cannot require area businesses to pay a minimum wage which is higher than North Carolina’s state-wide minimum. Also, cities can’t enforce ordinances setting their own minimum standards for businesses for paid sick leave or other employee benefits. Cities can continue to set higher wage and benefit minimums for their own workers or for company workers as and when required as a part of an economic recruitment and incentives agreement.

Each and every individual of the United States of America needs to understand their basic rights and the ways in which they can protect them. Discrimination cases too, like others, can get complex sometimes. For this purpose, it is essential to seek advice and help from a specialized discrimination lawyer who has the relevant experience in handling such situations and cases of discrimination. Discrimination lawyers will not only advise you but also help you to stand for your rights and demand justice. They will tell you how to go about the entire situation and help you request claims for the consequences occurred.
If you or anyone around you has been affected due to any kind of discrimination, you must seek help quickly. We at Gilleon Law Firm, APC, welcome and provide you with our legal services, where you can be assured of receiving the best legal representation from few of the best discrimination lawyers who have worked on many discrimination cases before.

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