Fatal Crash May Have Been Due to Tire Tread Separation

  • Dec 29 2014
  • Gilleon Law Firm, APC

tire tread separationThe California Highway Patrol were witnesses to a devastating rollover crash that killed three people and injured three, according to recent reports. CHP officers speculate that tire tread separation may have played a role in the crash, which occurred on Interstate 15 as a family headed to Mexico to board a plane for a funeral.

The 2001 Ford Expedition flipped into the northbound lanes, blocking traffic near Gopher Canyon Road. A 22-year-old Monrovia, California, woman and a 21-year-old woman from Santa Monica died in the crash; CHP says they do not appear to have been wearing seatbelts. Additionally, the driver, a 25-year-old man, was killed although he was wearing his seatbelt. The three survivors, a 2-year-old girl and two adults, were transported to a local hospital for treatment of non-life-threatening injuries and observation.

A full mechanical inspection of the vehicle will be conducted to determine if tire tread separation was the cause of the accident. Deputies who happened to be behind the car at the time of the crash may have witnessed the tread separation.

Tire Tread Separation Leads To Multiple Deaths

Ford-Firestone tire tread separation deaths made headlines in many states over thirteen years ago, but recently not much has been heard about deaths due to tire malfunctions. Bridgestone/Firestone recalled as many a 6.5 million tires, which seems to have solved the problem, but there is still a possibility that some of these tires are on vehicles around the country. It is unclear if the tire in this case was a Bridgestone/Firestone tire or what age the tire was at the time of the crash.

When tire tread separation leads to injury or death, the manufacturers of the vehicle as well as the tire manufacturers may have liability for the ensuing tragedy. However, in order to prove that a tire or auto manufacturer is liable, many victims need help from a personal injury attorney with experience in these cases.

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