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Dashboard Camera Documents Multi-Vehicle Crash

  • May 06 2015
  • Gilleon Law Firm, APC

dashboard camera footage crashAs technology continues to improve, more people are becoming aware of just what is involved in a car crash and how quickly these accidents can occur, even to good drivers. A dashboard camera recently caught footage of a horrific multi-vehicle crash on Interstate 8. The driver, who was not involved in the crash, sent the footage to a local news channel in the hope that sharing this footage could make others aware of the extreme dangers of excessive speed and other driving errors.

Driver Peter McCaffrey filmed the crash on his dashboard camera as he traveled east on Interstate 8 near the southbound Interstate 15 interchange. The footage shows a white SUV swerving in and out of traffic at high speeds before it clips another vehicle and rolls several times before landing on its side. The impact triggered a multi-vehicle collision on the interstate but, incredibly, no serious injuries have been reported, although the driver of the SUV was transported by ambulance. Other cars were totaled in the crash, but drivers and passengers appear to have suffered only minor injuries.

The Price of High-Speed Highways

While bad drivers have always existed, the implementation of high-speed freeways or interstate highways has led some drivers to take even greater chances on the road. The footage recovered from this accident is, unfortunately, not considered unusual by those who travel these highways regularly. Drivers who speed, weave in and out of traffic and take dangerous chances are a frequent sight on the interstates surrounding San Diego. While most of these drivers escape without injuring themselves or others, the fact is that eventually this type of driving can lead to a serious accident.

Alcohol, distracted driving and other issues also contribute to car crashes. Every day, someone in the United States dies in a traffic accident caused by someone else’s negligence and others are seriously injured, losing the ability to walk, suffering brain damage or spinal cord injuries or simply being faced with living out the rest of their lives in pain.

If you have been the victim of a car accident, it is very important that you protect yourself by filing a claim to recover damages. If you do nothing, the chances are that the person who caused your injuries will not be held accountable and that you will not receive the money you should to pay your expenses. Contact Dan Gilleon in San Diego today for more information.

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