Crane Operator Injured in Rollover

  • Jun 05 2014
  • Gilleon Law Firm, APC

crane_rolloverA crane operator was seriously injured when the machine overturned during operation, according to recent reports. The accident took place at a dock in Point Loma when the operator attempted to hoist a large steel container at the Scripps Institution of Oceanography.

Over a dozen firefighters rushed to the scene and worked for more than an hour to remove the operator from the cab of the crane. Rescue workers finally got the man out more than an hour after the accident. He was taken by helicopter to a local hospital. His condition is unknown at this time, although his injuries were said to be very severe.

The crane was unloading or loading cargo from a large ship named the R/V New Horizon which was docked. This ship is a research vessel for the Scripps Institution.

On-The-Job Accidents, Workers’ Compensation and Personal Injury

On-the-job accidents are different than those that occur in other places. When a worker is injured at work, the employer is required to carry a special type of insurance known as workers’ compensation insurance. This policy pays for medical costs and other expenses related to a on-the-job accident.

However, workers’ compensation may not be the only type of compensation available to a worker who is injured in a workplace accident. If a third party is involved and that party’s negligence caused the injuries, the worker may have a personal injury claim as well. This means that the worker must know the difference between a claim that is appropriate for worker’s compensation and one that would be better filed as a personal injury lawsuit. Most workers do not have the legal knowledge to make this distinction so they turn to a personal injury attorney for help.

If You Have Been Injured, Learn the Facts

Failure to consult a personal injury attorney about a workplace accident could mean you lose thousands of dollars in potential compensation.   You could be entitled not only to payment of economic expenses such as medical bills and lost wages but also for payment of your pain, suffering and emotional distress.

Contact Daniel M. Gilleon in San Diego for more information on how you may be able to collect compensation in your workplace accident case. Daniel M. Gilleon is a personal injury attorney who has been working hard for many years for San Diego residents to recover money for them when they are injured in accidents caused by others’ negligence.

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