Woman Injured in Chula Vista Street Racing Crash

  • Dec 01 2014
  • Gilleon Law Firm, APC

chula_vista_street_raceAn accident said to be due to street racing caused one woman to be sent to the hospital with serious injuries and resulted in one arrest, according to a recent report. The victim and another man were allegedly racing when the crash occurred. The woman’s vehicle crashed into a tree in the center median, almost completely wrapping the car around the tree and resulting in serious injuries. She was airlifted to a local hospital after being cut out of the car.

The other driver suffered only minor damage to his vehicle and was arrested at the scene. He may have been under the influence at the time of the incident.

Street Racing Results in Injuries and Death

The National Hot Rod Association has launched a campaign to educate drivers on the extreme dangers associated with street racing. According to the NHRA, street racing fatalities have been increasing over the past decade. San Diego was named as a city with an “epidemic” street racing problem in 2001, when 290 drivers were prosecuted for illegal street racing. That year, 16 people died and 31 were injured in street races. Nationwide, about 50 people out of every 1,000 who race illegally suffer some type of injury.

Street races combine three factors that make those who participate more likely to suffer serious injury or even death: high speed, reckless driving and the need to hide from law enforcement. Street racers are more likely to engage in risky driving behavior and to run if police officers appear on the scene. This means that many racers not only injure themselves but innocent bystanders as well.

What Can I Do If I Am The Victim of A Street Racing Accident?

Street racing can result in serious injuries. If you have been the victim of a street racing accident caused by someone’s negligence, be sure to protect your rights by speaking with a personal injury attorney immediately. An attorney may be able to help you understand your case and help you take the right steps to recover compensation for your pain and suffering, medical bills and other expenses.

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