California UPS Truck Leaves One Pedestrian Dead

  • Jul 06 2015
  • Gilleon Law Firm, APC

ups 18 wheeler kills pedestrianAccording to reports, a pedestrian was killed after being hit by an 18-wheeler UPS truck in Vista early Wednesday morning.

The crash happened along Route 78, where the 18-wheeler was traveling eastbound near Sycamore Avenue. The California Highway Patrol said the accident was reported just before 1:00 a.m. The 18-wheeler, a UPS truck, struck and killed a woman who was trying to cross the freeway. Police found an unoccupied vehicle nearby, but they were unclear whether or not it belonged to the victim, even though the vehicle had a cell phone and purse inside.

According to a North County fire dispatcher, no one from the crash needed to be taken to the hospital. The California Highway Patrol initially had to divert all of the freeways eastbound traffic off of the freeway until about 6 a.m. Debris was left throughout the lanes of the freeway and the 18-wheeler’s engine compartment had smoke billowing out from it. A SigAlert was also issued.

Most Common Causes of Semi-Truck Accidents

The majority of victims who die in semi truck accidents each year in the U.S. are passengers in cars that were hit by semi trucks. Nearly 5,000 people are killed each year in accidents involving semi-trucks, but the semi drivers and passengers in the large truck make up only seven percent of all deaths. Tractor-trailer trucks that pull a single trailer are involved in nearly 64 percent of all major semi truck crashes with “heavy” fatalities, compared to the four percent of multi-trailer vehicles involved in crashes.

The NHTSA, or National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, has let the public know about the dangers of over-loading trucks, as well as putting an inexperienced or fatigued driver at the helm of a semi-truck. Research has also shown that the three major reasons for semi-truck accidents are distracted driving, driver fatigue or tiredness and faulty or poor maintenance practices.

Having an Experienced Truck Accident Attorney Matters

According to the NHSTA, 2011 saw almost 300 Californians killed in large truck accidents. Truck accidents in the San Diego area can be incredible complex, especially due to the increased possibility that there may be multiple parties involved and the regulatory nature of the industry itself. If you or a loved one has been injured or killed in a trucking accident, contact the Gilleon Law Firm, APC today. We have over 50 years of combined personal injury experience in Orange, Los Angeles and San Diego counties. Give us a call today to schedule your free consultation.

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