Bayfair Hydroplane Crash Injures Driver

  • Oct 05 2015
  • Gilleon Law Firm, APC

The driver of a hydroplane flipped the vehicle at the San Diego Bayfair event in Mission Bay and was taken to the hospital with minor injuries, according to reports. The accident occurred during the U-18 Bucket List Racing event’s qualifying session when Kelly Stocklin, 64, flipped over during a race. He was transported to UCSD Medical Center for treatment but was expected to be released soon.

Can I Collect Compensation from A Sporting Accident?

There are certain activities that have inherent risks and are recognized by insurance companies and courts as being essentially dangerous when performed as intended. For example, skydivers know that there is a chance that they could be seriously injured or killed simply by participating in the activity of skydiving. In many cases, activities that carry inherent risks are not covered by insurance policies.

However, there is a difference between the inherent risk of an activity and the danger posed by a defective product. If a racecar driver, for example, crashes because he overcorrected on a steep turn, an insurance company may have grounds to refuse a claim. However, if the racecar driver crashes because a tire was defective and blew out at a critical moment, he may have a claim against the tire manufacturer for his injuries. In addition, a racecar driver could have a claim against the race organizers if it can be shown that there was an unnecessary danger on the course due to negligence that caused an accident. It is never safe to assume that there is no way to collect compensation in a personal injury case.

Instead, it is important to remember that only a personal injury attorney can give you an accurate understanding of the parties who may be liable in your injury case. Never assume that you cannot collect compensation; instead, talk to an experienced attorney about your case. You may find that someone is liable for your injuries and must pay you compensation.

Daniel M. Gilleon has been helping San Diego accident victims recover compensation for many years. Some of his cases have involved injured victims who, at first, believed that they had no grounds to sue for damages. By reviewing their cases and utilizing his deep understanding of personal injury law, Dan Gilleon has been able to help many of these victims recover payment for their medical bills and other expenses related to their accidents. Call today for a free consultation with Daniel M. Gilleon in San Diego.

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