Amtrak Train Kills Man Walking on Tracks

  • Oct 27 2014
  • Gilleon Law Firm, APC

amtrak_train_deathA 49 year-old man was killed by an Amtrak Coaster according to recent reports. The man was walking between the rails along with two other individuals when the train approached from behind. The two individuals walking with the victim were able to get off the tracks, but the victim remained on the railway. The train activated its horn and emergency braking system, but was unable stop before striking and killing the man.

Death by Train

USA Today has labeled today’s trains as “silent killers,” alluding to the fact that trains are much quieter than they used to be, especially passenger trains. Rail-safety advocates are working with federal authorities to determine what can be done to reduce the fatalities involving trains and pedestrians.

Safety transportation officials believe that two factors are contributing to increased railway deaths. First, the rails are built in longer straight stretches, allowing trains to reach optimum speeds. Second, many cities have enacted “quiet zones” in which operators are not allowed to sound their horns during certain hours of the day. These factors have combined to make trains much deadlier than in the past.

Rail safety officials and advocates are especially worried about teenagers and trains. Teenagers often use secluded tracks as hangout areas, and some even like to play “chicken” with the train. Tracks near schools are another concern due to the fact that many teenagers take shortcuts across tracks while listening to music with headphones on or talking on their cell phones. In many cases, teens are not paying attention to possible trains on the tracks.

Additionally, the size and mass of a train creates an optical illusion that can fool an observer when it comes to proximity and speed. Many people do not realize that a train going 60 mph will take almost a mile to stop completely after the emergency brakes are applied.

What Should I Do If I Am Injured In A Train Crash?

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