Accident Victim Receives Bionic Fingers

  • Nov 20 2015
  • Gilleon Law Firm, APC

coffeehand1An accident victim who lost most of his hand has become one of the nation’s first patients to be fitted with bionic fingers, according to a recent report.  Moises Aramburo of San Diego described how the silicon glove with embedded sensors works in a recent interview.  “They touch my skin and pick up an electrical brain impulse,” he stated.

The robotic hand, called Quantum Fingers, was created by Touch Bionics, a technology company focusing on giving function back to amputees who have lost body parts due to accidents or diseases.  Aramburo lost his fingers in a flood accident in 2012.  Doctors tried to save his fingers during a grueling 19-hour surgery but were unsuccessful.  The new device allows him to hold a cup of coffee, take a picture and perform other intricate functions by using the surviving muscles in his hand as a link for electrical impulses between the brain and the new bionic fingers.

Amputation Accidents and Their Results

Amputation, whether of a finger, hand, leg or other body part, is one of the most devastating results of certain personal injury accidents.  While some amputations are more severe than others, even the loss of a toe or finger can result in life-impacting changes for the victim.

Unfortunately, even with modern surgical techniques, it is sometimes not possible to save body parts after an accident.  While robotics technology such as bionic fingers are a great stride forward for the recovery and quality of life for amputees, not everyone will be a good candidate for this type of procedure.  Additionally, the cost of bionics are currently prohibitive for most amputees.  Procedures such as the placement of bionic fingers can easily result in millions of dollars in costs for the patient and hospital due to the extremely technical nature of these procedures and the expensive equipment required.

If you have been the victim of an accident that required the amputation of a body part, you may be entitled to payment of significant amounts of compensation.  However, you may also need the help of a personal injury attorney like Daniel M. Gilleon of San Diego in order to collect this compensation.  Dan Gilleon has been standing up for the rights of victims and helping them protect themselves and their families for many years.  Give him a call today to schedule a free consultation about your amputation accident case.

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