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Scott Savary (Of Counsel)

Scott attended the University of California Santa Barbara and graduated in 1991. After attending UCSB Scott attended the University of San Diego Law School and graduated in 1994. After graduation from Law School, Scott immediately began practicing in San Diego. For the past 22 years, Scott has represented clients in the San Diego Courts in a range of cases with an emphasis on personal injury cases and trial work.


  • San Diego Criminal Defense Lawyer’s Club. This is a highly selective and exclusive organization comprised of only the top criminal defense attorneys in San Diego. The CDLC is extended to members by invitation only and the selection process is based upon fellow peer endorsements in the San Diego legal community.
  • San Diego County Bar Association
  • Criminal Defense Bar Association of San Diego
  • State Bar of California
  • Illinois State Bar Association

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Phone #: 619-702-8623

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Scott Savary (Of Counsel)

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  • Daniel Gilleon was so easy to work with and helped me get results fast. Thanks for everything Daniel!

  • Dan Gilleon was the only attorney I could find to take on a company as big and powerful as my employer. And when it was done he had them crying uncle!

  • Very concerned professionals all the way. We are very pleased how Gilleon handled our San Diego car accident case. From us to your entire staff, thank you.

  • This is the best personal injury lawyer in San Diego. I got into a car accident while driving in downtown San Diego. I suffered a neck injury. I was going to be out work and lose my personal pay. The insurance company didn’t want to pay. I hired this San Diego personal injury lawyer in San Diego and they made sure I got paid. Thank you guys.

  • Dan Gilleon’s proficiency and knowledge in the practice of law, coupled with his expert negotiation skills are a sincere comfort to his clients when tenuous and legal matters arise.

  • Dan worked diligently for months to resolve my case, which ended up in court. We won twice what we originally asked for. I am very pleased!

  • Dan Gilleon is the Attorney you want in your court when facing legal issues.

  • In life, you meet a few people that really change it for the better, one such person is Dan Gilleon. I have Complex Regional Pain Syndrome (CRPS) and Dan took this difficult personal injury case, which could have gone either way on a decision. From day one Dan started working meticulously and never stopped working until we received just compensation. If you want a smart, honest, non-stop bulldog, there’s only one man I would recommend- Dan Gilleon. I can’t thank him enough.

  • I fully knew what to expect and was informed every step of the way.

    – Shannon F.
  • I received a great settlement, things moved quickly, and they still keep in contact with me to see how I am doing. Really great law firm.

    – Anonymous