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Auto Fraud

Auto Fraud LawyerAuto Fraud Lawyer in San Diego Protecting Your Rights

Gilleon Law Firm, APC is committed to aggressively pursuing auto dealers who exploit the Carfax system by selling cars they know to be frame damaged but are not reported to Carfax.  Automobile dealerships are required by California law to disclose to the buyer whether a vehicle has been involved in a collision or if it has been subject to repeated breakdowns.  Many dealers ignore this obligation because they know you won’t pay as much for the car.  The good news for you, (and very bad news for the dealer), is such conduct is considered fraudulent, and often times even criminal.  California law does not tolerate fraudulent auto dealers.  Call us today, or fill out our contact form and we will go after any dealer who took advantage of you.
Common frauds conducted by auto dealers:

  • Forging documents.
  • Selling used cars as new.
  • Selling defective vehicles as “certified”.
  • Not reporting fire damage.
  • Not reporting flood / water damage.
  • Selling lemon buy-back vehicles.
  • Selling wrecked or salvaged vehicles.
  • Rolling back the odometer.
  • Not reporting rebuilt history.